Simon Albrecht

Software Engineer from Zurich, Switzerland.

Timelapse of a Giant


Almost forgot to post this: I didn’t have much time on my skiing holiday to take a lot of pictures but I did manage to take a timelapse of the giant – the Matterhorn. Enjoy!



A lot of blogs have been doing it lately and I thought I’d give it a shot too. So here it goes: my iPhone’s homescreen.


Apple Default Apps
Safari, Calendar, Photos, Weather, Clock, Messages and Mail. There’s not much to say about them because every iPhone has them installed.

VSCOCam is the most simple and best photo editing app for the iPhone. Also, If you’ve gotten sick of Instagram’s default filters, VSCOCam has plenty of nice onces.

PocketCasts is my podcast app of choice. It’s fast, easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do: Fetch and play podcasts.

Favourite podcasts: Freak Show, NSFW, WRINT, Iterate and Radiolab.

Radium is an Internet radio app, which essentially does nothing more than play radio streams. No recording, no rating, no social nonsense, nothing unnecessary.

Most listened: BBC Radio 1.

If you’ve been on the Internet for more than a week, you should know what YouTube is for.

Most watched: CTFxC, Vsauce, SourceFedNERD, Vice and the Yogscast.

Alien Blue is the best Reddit client for both iPhone and iPad. It’s basically the best app to waste time.

Most visited sub-reddits: r/YouShouldKnow, r/IAmA, r/Documentaries, r/harrypotter and r/JenniferLawrence.

Day One
Day One is my journal, where I try to write something personal every few days. I haven’t gotten in the loop of doing it every day, but I’m trying my best to get there.

I use the Kindle app to read on the go, when I don’t have my Paperwhite with me. It’s great for reading on public transport where I don’t have a seat.

Books read: On my Goodreads profile.

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr
Not much to say about those. It’s where I spend most of my time doing “social networking”. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Although WhatsApp is quite insecure, it’s still the best way to IM with people or groups who don’t have iPhones.

I couldn’t live without Spotify (now free on mobile too!) anymore. I stream almost all day — no matter what mood I’m in or where I’m at.

Playlists: On my Spotify profile.

As you can see, I leave the last row empty. This is because I like the way it looks and it makes me think more about which apps I really need on my iPhone. Yay for minimalism!



Because I don’t write on here that often, I thought it would be a cool idea to start recapping each year in a short, yearly roundup, covering the major events in my life and some trivia based on data collected throughout the year. So here we go, this was my year 2013.

Events (Chronological Order)

  • For a two-week holiday, we went to Tenerife on the Canary Islands, were we visited my grandfather and his partner. I took some photos, had Fondue for Christmas dinner and celebrated Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve wearing shorts.
  • My father and I went skiing in Zermatt. One evening, I snapped a photo of the Matterhorn, which quickly became one of my favourite photos of 2013.
  • I left my mother’s nest and moved out into my own apartment.
  • As part of my apprenticeship, I spent 10 intense days working on my final project (IPA; Interdisziplinäre Projektarbeit). A web summary of the project can be found here (German).
  • I passed my finals, got my Matura and received a diploma with honours in Computer Science.
  • My classmates and I went to Malta (hehehe…) to celebrate our graduation. We rented a mansion, hung around our pool all day and had a great time.
  • I left my old job at a bank and started working as a Software Engineer at a new company which specialises in treasury services.

Trivia And Stats

  • I successfully completed my 10-books-in-a-year-challenge and read 13 books, clocking in at a total of 6662 pages.
  • I spent ~6 ½ days watching 225 new TV show episodes. Countless hours were spent re-watching old ones.
  • I streamed 20’743 minutes (5621 tracks) worth of music on Spotify.
  • My photo library has grown by 842 photos. The month with the most photos taken was June.

Looking Forward

As you might have noticed, the site’s design has changed and it probably will again multiple-times throughout next year. This is because I’m currently experimenting with the site and want to see where it takes me.

P.S. The site’s domain has changed (to form cool pseudo-sentence URL’s), but it’s still accessible from the old domain. If everything worked out as planned, you shouldn’t even have noticed.

Versam Adventure


On Sunday, some of my friends and I drove to Versam in canton Graubünden to take some photos of the Rhine and the nature surrounding that area. It was bitter cold, the sky was clear blue and the light was beautiful. Winter days should always be like that.

The Rhine Valley

We were walking along a hiking trail when we decided to take photos on the riverbed. At one point we noticed that the water levels of the Rhine were rising quickly — that’s when our relaxed trip turned into a small adventure.


I wasn’t quick enough to get off the small bit of rock I was standing on and had to wade through ice cold water to get back to the riverbank. Brrr!

Ice Formations

Shortly after we decided it would be a good idea to head back to the trail. But there was a problem: we were standing below a slope with a patch of forest on top and had to climb our way out. Somehow we managed to get up that hill without any major cuts or bruises but we were still miles away from where we originally left the trail. Luckily, we had parked the car at the train station and were able to follow the train tracks back to the car.

Opposites: Nature and Industry

All in all, it was a great trip and I think the photos turned out quite good. I also uploaded all the pictures and sorted them into a Flickr set which can be viewed here.